Fainting goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats located in Texas.

We Love Texas And Our Goats

Bayshore's Rock N Elvis                                                 $250 BUCK


Bayshore's Rock N Elvis

DOB: 7/20/09

SIRE: Bayshore's Fieldmaster

DAM: Bayshore's Shortening Bread

Elvis has one moonspot on his left check. He passing this on thru his grandkids. None of his offspring have moonspots but they are throwing them!

Nice long black coat. Throws long hair on ALL his kids even when breed to a short haired doe! He has several nice looking goats on the ground.


His eyes are listed as amber on his papers but they tend to change colors. Some times they appear amber while other times they appear blue. He throws 50% or greater blue eyed babies.

Double registered with AFGO and MSFGA

23.5" tall

Elvis has earned several points in the show ring!

Friday's Fainter Aladdin                                                                                     $150

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DOB: 3/6/14

SIRE: Playful Acres Denim

DAM: Wells Mary Poppins

Aladdin was a bottle baby. He got a supplement bottle. He was a triplet.

Aladdin has a nice long hair coat and bangs.



Brown eyes

We place our goats into good loving homes

A Good home should be willing to give lots of love. It will offer a clean, dry shelter to protect them from the wind, rain, cold and offer some shade. Fresh water is a must along with plenty of hay, browse, and minerals. Grain is also needed. A good fence to keep predators out and goats in will be needed. You will need a goat veterinarian and be willing to learn to do many things on your own; giving injection, vaccinations, and worming. Hooves must be trimmed regularly. You will also need more than one goat. They are herd animals and need a buddy or two. If you can provide all of this than Playful Acres will consider you a good home!